Saturday, December 24, 2005

Moosehead in NYC

Moosehead in NYC
Originally uploaded by tomgivemeaning.

This is the second of an installment of postcards sent in from one of our programmers who recently left Vancouver to travel on his way back home in Australia.

We're hoping that Billy will come back to Vancouver sometime next year but in the meanwhile, we're excited to receive updates on the wherabouts of "Maverick Moose".

If you're interested in following Billy and Maverick Moose's travels, visit flickr and do a tagsearch for givemeaning and moose

Friday, December 02, 2005

If I had my license, I'd probably drive a Mazda

I was really impressed to see this article today on It talks about how Mazda is offering a financial incentive of roughly $12 a month to its employees to walk to work.

I think it's a great CSR initiative for an auto-maker (nevermind the smidgen of irony) to promote less dependence on cars and a healthier work force.

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