Monday, June 05, 2006

GiveMeaning's new website is live!

GiveMeaning version 0.65 is up live, as of late Friday night! This has been one of our biggest releases to date with both major user interface improvements, a ton of back-end changes and new functionality which includes blogging and photo galleries for GivingGroups, a new search system, and most overdue, our own credit card processor!

GiveMeaning's tech team accomplished their biggest task to date ahead-of-schedule and under-budget. There are still minor tweaks and updates that will be uploaded this week but please visit the new site and bang on it and send any issues/improvements or suggestions to support [at]

I call this release 0.65 because there is still some major functionality to release before I can say that we have completed the vision of the core GiveMeaning service but completing this major development initiative means that subsequent initiatives will be much easier on us.

From here, we hope to be continuously introducing new features and functionality over the coming months.

A big congratulations to the GiveMeaning Team!!!!

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