Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Codename: Apple

I am so excited from our meetings with our "covert operative." About 8 weeks ago, I secretly hired an exceptionally talented individual to begin working on a secret project that I've been planning for some time now. What I will say about this is that GiveMeaning is going to have a "real world' physical presence and this person is leading the creation of this special project.

The small group of us that met today are so incredibly excited about the prospect of this physical manifestation of GiveMeaning and none of us could contain our excitement or enthusiasm. That we codenamed this project Apple only speaks to our belief that Industrial Design will be so huge a part of this physical presence's success.

We will reveal "Apple" likely sometime in the summer. In the meanwhile, seeing this manifest is even more exciting than seeing a new piece of the site come together.

In other news, we continue to tweak the Personal Fundraising Pages. We've now launched the ability to share both pictures and full blog functionality for each fundraising page and the response from charities is really encouraging!

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