Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My Bill Gates shot

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Jess calls this my "Bill Gates" shot since Gates loves to be photographed gesticulating in front of a big screen shot.

This GivingGroup is a great one. It was started by a Canadian living down in Honduras and since late December has already raised half of its goal. This picture was taken by Kristin Bradford

School Talk

Originally uploaded by tomgivemeaning.

I spoke at a school yesterday in Whiterock and this picture was taken right after I finished speaking (thus the calpping).

I must admit how nervous I was to speak to this many kids. Actually, these days I get more nervous about everything I do - a reflection of how much I'm invested emotionally in everything at GiveMeaning. I've spoken to much bigger crowds before and it's been a breaze. But this was very nerve-racking.. I think a good thing.

I've said it at the Flickr post of this same picture but I'll say it again: The principal of this school really impressed me. It's always inspiring for me to talk to educators who really care about their kids. He wanted to bring me to speak to the school because he believes it's important to foster and encourage the desire for each of us to do our part in the world's work.

I spoke for about 30 minutes and answered questions for another 10. This picture was taken by Kristin Bradford

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