Tuesday, May 30, 2006

You heard it here first folks: "Apple" Revealed

I wanted to wait a while to officially announce Apple but Unicef's announcement today makes it very appropriate to reveal what "Apple" is. Unicef Canada today announced that they are ending their Halloween Coin Collection box collection citing the high costs of sorting and rolling coins.

GiveMeaning will officially announce later today that starting in September, Canadians will be able to order beautifully-designed cardboard piggy banks to raise funds for the charity of your choice. So this means that this Halloween, kids can continue the tradition of raising money through loose change but are given the power of choosing any charity in Canada to receive the money.

Better yet, each person who gives money to a child's piggy bank will be able to track where the money was distributed to through GiveMeaning.

Closer to the launching point, we will also announce a partnership with a major Canadian company to ensure the efficient processing of these boxes.

I'm really thrilled and excited that GiveMeaning will not only ensure the tradition and spirit of the Unicef box continues but also to innovate and evolve the concept for the 21st century, web-connected, passionate young fundraiser!

If you want to advance order your piggy today, or if you are a teacher and want to order piggies for your class or school, please email me at tom [at] givemeaning [dot] com

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