Friday, August 25, 2006

One of the best viral marketing executions in a long time - So funny!

Jess is watching "What Not To Wear" so I was just surfing around Digg and saw a post that earlied had very few diggs had already received 1266. The title of the Digg is simply "A million thanks! Yes... A MILLION! (Flash Animation). Because of the sudden jump and because I call "What Not To Wear", "What Not To Watch," I clicked on the link.

Youhave to see the link for yourself to know what I'm talking about. At first, I was like "huh, that's kind of funny" but the longer it ran, the more I laughed. The flash was incredibly well designed because of the two simple navigations. One says "I've had enough" the other says "Exit". The eye is drawn to Exit and so instead of closing the window, I clicked to a screen that revealed a URL which when I clicked on that, brought me to the site!

I've bought a bunch of eCards before but I've never bought one from Hallmark in part because (for me personally), Hallmark's success in the real world has hampered its brand relevance in eCards. My mum buys Hallmark.. I buy BlueMountain or some other type of eCard.

Since I had already developed a like for the characters, I was really happy to see that upon visiting the Hallmark site, a hilarious discussion between the characters (and a cute third character) played-out and there is lots of additional content for these characters. Some try-hard, others amusing.

Anyway, I've always thought that obvious attempts at corporate flash viral could never work but here I am now bookmarking for the first time!

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