Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Winners of the first GiveMeaning Competition

The winner of GiveMeaning's new project voting system is Gisele Mansfield's fundraiser for the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Because her project was the first to receive 100 votes endorsing the project, donations made to her project will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, up to $5,000.

Also, Jay Arron's project to start a new charitable organization called Shift was approved soon after Gisele's project.

We introduced the voting system as a way to ensure that projects that start on the site have sufficient support (i.e. a big enough initial audience) to succeed in their fundraising goal. What will be interesting to track is how many of the people who voted for a project (which carries no financial commitment) will make a donation to it, now that it's live.

A couple of other cool things:

One of the charities listed at our site, Richmond Therapeutic Equestrian Society, has gotten the one and only William Shatner to put himself up for auction on eBay with the winning bid being donated to RTES' programs that provide therapeutic horseback riding to young people with disabilities. There have been no bids as of yet, in part because no one seems to know about the listing. None of the local media outlets have picked-up on it. Come on people!!! It's William Shatner!!!!

There is a company that is going to be launching soon called Chossing Joy From their splash page, it says: "A community of caring, courage and comfort for people with health challenges and those that support them." I had a great dinner with the principals of the firm last night and heard some of their plans. Check out their site and join their mailing list. From what I understand, I think this will be a leading example of real online community.

I'm going to write a seperate post about Friendster's comeback.

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