Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Matching Funds

One of the best things we've done in recent months is require each new project at our site to first collect 100 votes of support before the project becomes eligible for fundraising. We did this to prevent projects from becoming abandoned or never properly getting started and this new system has done very well.

When we announced the new voting system, we also announced a $5,000 matching fund for the first project to collect 100 votes as an early incentive to use this new system.

The winner of this matching fund was this project which is raising funds for the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Giselle Mansfield, the woman who started this fundraising page is the ideal GiveMeaning fundraiser. She is motivated, resourceful, and a real go-getter. It's no surprise that in just over six weeks, she has reached her fundraising goal at our site.

Today, the same day that our first matching fund has helped Giselle's page reach it's goal, we announced our first corporate matching fund. World of Good an online marketplace for fair trade gifts has generously provided a $5,000 matching fund to a new project to send a Sudanese Refugee to Medical School in Uganda.

These corporate matching funds are a win for all involved. World Of Good's brand not only becomes associated with this incredibly positive, wonderful project but they become bonded in a very meaningful way to each donor through the site. The message that the donor gets is that World of Good cares about what that donor is there to support. To further cement the relationship, World of Good is giving a 10% discount to first-time visitors to their site that enter a special promotional code found at GiveMeaning.

I can't see a good reason why any company wouldn't want to create a similiar matching fund offer for every project on our site.

It's been a great day at GiveMeaning!

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