Monday, January 15, 2007

Random Acts

It's easy to out-think ourselves. We're passionate, we want change, we want BIG change. Sometimes though, the most obvious, most immediate solutions are right in front of us.

Last week, someone very close to me witnessed a colleague of hers at work being quite literally shouted and verbally abused in front of a room of 15 of his colleagues. This man, a recent immigrant to Canada, is incredibly good at his job, not to mention routinely goes out of his way to help his colleagues in his workplace. The person (let's call her Mary) that observed this could see the pain and humiliation that this verbal abuse caused him and decided to do something about it.

On her lunch break, Mary bought this man a bouquet of flowers and a card and circulated the card amongst his colleagues who had witnessed this verbal abuse. Mary presented the card and flowers to this man who broke down crying, overwhelmed from both the generosity of his colleagues and the pain of being abused.

If we all seized the opportunity to practice these kinds of Random Acts of Kindness, the world in which we each live would no doubt be a far better place.

Why not commit ourselves to being on the lookout for one opportunity a week to commit a Random Act of Kindness for someone in your community?

Comment on the Blog with your stories. What you have observed others do, what you have done, maybe even suggest acts.

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