Monday, January 22, 2007

Saturn Returns

This Saturday I turned 28 years young! I was talking to Babz Chula this week who told me that according to Astrologists, the planets are in the exact same place as when I was born during my 29th year, so this year should be like a "rebirth" for me.

I started celebrating Friday afternoon at our normal team lunch. This week I got to choose (I picked Denny's) and I received quite literally the best birthday gift ever. Each team member had written a little note and each note was stapled together to form a little booklet. The booklet got me very ferklempt and they had printed and framed three pictures, including a team picture that I've now hung at home. One of the other ones was of me at my desk and the other was a picture of my cowboy boots with the quote "I'm the decider" on it (a joke about Bush's famous line "I'm the decider, I decide things.")

Friday night, Jess and I had an amazing steak dinner with one of my best friend's and his wife and daughter who have become like an extended family. The dinner was amazing and I ate everything on my plate. Then, Saturday afternoon, we drove down with our two friends, Shira and Lucas, the couple behind Choosing Joy, a multi-medium company that I am very excited about.

Jess and I always see ads for Red Lobster on TV but there are no locations in Vancouver. Sometime last year, she said after seeing one of those mouth-watering ads that if she were to ever get a record deal, that we would drive to Seattle to go to Red Lobster and celebrate. Well, she signed her record deal late in December, so we decided it was time to do the trip! Shira & Lucas were game, so we drove down for the night and found the closest Red Lobster (in Lynwood).

We had a great night, ate tons and had some great conversations. We met a group of four women who were down from Whiterock for the weekend who were a lot of fun. We stayed the night in Bellevue and drove back late this afternoon.

If you're reading this blog and know me personally, it's not too late to celebrate! You can click here to make a generous donation in support of the first ever fundraising project I have created at GiveMeaning. I'm about half of my way there and want to finish my goal by the end of the month.

I'm looking forward to this year!

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