Monday, January 15, 2007

We Care Marketplace

I just read this article from the Edmonton Journal about the We Care Marketplace, a "charity market" that occurs in the same spot every Sunday morning in Edmonton that gives away donated items "with no questions asked and no names taken."

It's entirely voluntary and no formal organization is behind it.

These kinds of grass-roots initiatives are exactly what I was talking about in my earlier blog posts today.

The article says that about 500 people receive gather each week to receive items.

On a similar note, I StumbledUpon the Burrito Project, another grass-roots initiative to feed the hungry that gives the "ingredients" needed for you to replicate their project in your community online and promotes itself well through MySpace and Friendster.

I LOVE these kinds of projects.

If you know of others like these, please post them here.

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Crying Out for Help, a non profit organization gathers donations from the community of clothes, blankets and other personal items and directly hands them out the men, women and children living on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles. Their future vision is to provide homes, and to help these families and individuals become productive citizens.
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