Monday, January 29, 2007


It starts with an idea.
But the more you think about it, the more muddled it becomes.
It's then that you choose to give up, or do something.
If you give up, you'll never start again.
If you do something, the first thing you do is admit that you fail your expectations.
It's once you accept the failures you have that you can start to succeed.

You will claim greater success than you believe you have accomplished.
If you don't feel this way, there are problems.

Give yourself entirely. Don't do so abandoning those and that who are there for you unconditionally.
Be present. It is doing this that will exact its greatest toll, that will challenge you more than any other challenge.
It is in being present that will guide you and reward you.

There are no rewards in doing what you do, when you are doing this.

The only reward comes when you have only seconds to savor what you have done.

It is when you draw your last breath, when you ask your final question, that the reward comes.

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