Sunday, March 25, 2007

World Water Day Walk

After a great night of celebrating a very good friend's birthday, Jessie and I woke-up very early and quite groggy to go to Stanley Park to attend the World Water Day walk organized by Starbucks and Ethos Water.

I haven't actually attended an activist/awareness walk since I was a little kid. It was either because it just felt this way or because it was bordering on reality that as a kid, I felt that I attended some kind of walk or rally every single weekend. On the way to the event, Jess and I were musing whether - or more realistically - up until what age we would drag our kids to the events we were participating in. I remember particularly a Noam Chomsky documentary that my Dad almost quite literally dragged me to. I still can't comprehend most of Noam Chomsky's lectures so my ability to stay engaged at 9 years-old was even more limited. That said, I am now thankful that I was forced to go as opposed to finishing that lego castle.

I must admit feeling rather ironic attending a Water awareness event (in which we walk 4k to acknowledge how far many people have to walk to get clean water) in a rain-forest with not one but two full bottles of water in my coat pocket (I had brought a bottle of water and then had been given another at the event).

There were about 50 or 60 people walking at this event in Vancouver, which for a rainy early Saturday morning, was a pretty good turn-out.

As I write this, we are minutes away from the deployment of the brand new site. We are all so incredibly tired... Check back tomorrow morning and it should (providing nothing happens in the next 20 minutes) be up and running.

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