Thursday, April 26, 2007

Khartoum Booms while Sudan Burns

This article was posted a few minutes ago at the GiveMeaning site.

It gives us the real deal on how to end the Genocide in Sudan: Restrict its oil exports, and bring the Sudanese government to its knees.

Is it any wonder that President al-Bashir continues to smugly defy diplomatic efforts and UN resolutions? As long as China pumps Sudan's oil, nothing significant can occur to stop the Genocide.

As a young boy, I stood outside Shell Oil stations with my mother with signs that read "Product of Apartheid." The economic pressure that came as a result of this kind of boycott was a significant contributor to the end of Apartheid.

Why not boycott China's products until they come around? I see all of these activist efforts to lobby our Governments but it's not our Governments who need convincing.

What say you?

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