Friday, April 20, 2007

Proud of the CBC

I've been horrible at updating the blog lately. So much going on! I'm currently in Kelowna and running out the door to a dinner but wanted to express my pride and respect for our CBC!

CBC is one of the only broadcasters I know of that refused to air video of the "manifesto" left by the despicable mass-murderer who requires no further mention.

Their reasoning can be found here and it is well worth a read.

I know that there is an intellectual debate to be had that is framed in the "if everybody else is showing it (or it's available elsewhere) then so should we" but this is a man who interrupted his killing so he could co-opt the media in further propagating his hatred.

While I understand how altogether valid intellectual debate can put many people firmly the "Grey zone," I respect the ability to be guided by a more specific sense of taste and values (again resisting the debate about the role of values in broadcast decision).

The media has given this vile thing what it wanted, media attention and an "iconic" status. It is psychologically impossible to deny that his reliance on being the most talked about news story this week was in part what drove him to commit this act.

This same "co-opting" of the media I speak about this week is the victory that Terrorists understand in their media strategy.

I'm very proud of the CBC's decision and I hope others will take note.

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