Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Steve Jobs said to John Sculley...

Mesh officially starts tomorrow. Year 2 (version 2?) of Canada's preeminent web 2.0 conference officially kicks-off tomorrow am. I'll start my participation off by posting this blog entry and knocking back a few with other speakers in the next couple of hours.

My experience is that some of the best tech visionaries I've met like to shoot first and ask questions later. When it comes to changing the world, this is almost always a bad idea. Steve Jobs asked John Sculley whether he wanted to sell bottled sugar-water his whole life or whether he wanted a chance to change the world. We who want to change the world need to ensure we don't do so by selling the electronic equivalent of bottled-sugar water.

There, I've just figured out what I want to say in the talk I'm giving with Austin Hill tomorrow morning. You heard it here folks.

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