Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stamps / Sodacan update - Video complete

This note is directed at everyone who sent stamps and soda-can tabs in support of my Blog appeal that I posted back in the summer.

My Gramma had just moved into a long-term care home and was understandably depressed. One of the aspects of freedom that she lost in moving to this new care-home was the ability to collect used stamps and soda-can tabs to send to the BC Guide Dogs Society

I didn't think there was a financial benefit to the charity that could be derived from soda-can tabs and stamps but upon further investigation, found out that BC Guide Dogs Society receives more than $1000 a year from this simple act. That's a lot of dog food!

So, given that my Gramma couldn't collect these stamps and soda-can tabs, I decided to take up a collection through this blog and made an appeal to the readers to "Send me their junk." Within days, stamps and soda-can tabs started arriving from post-marks around the World!

Unfortunately, before I could complete the project, my Gramma passed away but a few days before she died, I showed her a picture of a collage of some of the soda-can tabs and stamps that had been collected. She was very moved.

Shortly after her death in September, I finished the product and this Podcast is a must-watch for anyone who participated.

Many thanks to all who honored my Grandmother with their participation in this project.

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Within love there is hope, with in hope there is the ability to do anything if it has the belief directed to it.
Your Grandma's value in life was strong enough to make change with blinders on.
Your values make strides towards helping others wake up and open their eyes. I read your blog that day, and went around to the beaches without knowing it at first but started collecting the tabs from the cans that I had been picking up at Jericho after Critical Mass. I asked friends to do so for the BC Guide Dogs as well, I will send them in.
My fathers passing brought in box's full of letters, i have been collecting the stamps from these letters just for the remembrance that he has mail coming in from friends that wish to remind him of his presence and relationships affects. I have kept them as a keep sake, and will send what I have started from the celebration of the ones we love. Your devotion to relationships has a contagious side-effect which one should not treat to cure, I can only imagine how proud your Grandma is of you again Tom.
Thanks Isobella. Your kind words and actions are much appreciated.
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