Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thoughts after the hour

Taped the Hour this evening and now back at the hotel watching it online. The link I posted below in an earlier blog entry has the entire interview on their website.

I really enjoyed meeting George. He's a great guy, great mind.

If you're reading this blog entry having watched the show and have questions for me, don't hesitate to post them here on the blog or email me at tom [@] givemeaning [dot] com.

Thanks for watching.

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Great interview with George, congrats on your idea and count with my support!.

Greetings from Calgary.

Ronald Q.
I was flipping channels and stopped on CBC just as they were running your bio. Sounds like you've had an interesting life so far, and that's a great website you've created!
I watched the show tonight. You are very inspiring young men, Tom. The world would be a better place if there are more people like you.
Best regards,
I watched the show tonight. You are very inspiring young men, Tom. The world would be a better place if there are more people like you.
Best regards,
Hi Tom,
Just wanted to drop a line after seeing the show tonight. Your enthusiasm about givemeaning, its context, and it's success is truly inspiring. I checked the site and it makes perfect sense. This is exactly what social-networking is supposed to do and furthermore, what we as human beings are supposed to be doing. To be honest, I've really been feeling pessimistic lately with what I see to be a truly difficult and privative time in our history. Your perspective and this find was a nice pickmeup!

Keep it up man, I plan to follow this site and contribute where I can.

Watched the show and so checked out your .com. It's great to see someone using smarts and money to help others.
What a wonderful thing you have done with your talents, to create this excellent way to help make things better. I enjoyed watching you - via a couple of TV reports - in your youth as you careened your way to a bright future. This could have so easily led to a major selfish life or to a permanent crash, due to lack of experience and discipline.
But you had a lot of guidance as a kid - apparently - from your dear grandmother - and parents to help you define your morality and purpose to do good - for your family - but also for those less fortunate - if i read this right.
Good on you for giving us this way to excercise our conscience and help others.
After all, isn't this the way it should be, and what we should all do?
I am inspired, as a charitable person to use this vehicle to help others.
I was very happy to see your creative interaction tonight with George S. Peace, Chris A. ( Salt Spring).
I watched and it was a GREAT interview. I'll for sure be checking out your website and seeing how I can help.
Tom, I liked your inspirational interview with George Stroumboulopoulos so much that I created a Squidoo lens about you. You can find it at I hope you'll like it.

Good luck with your philanthropic efforts!

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