Sunday, January 06, 2008

Twitter could become the next Digg.

I just Twittered this idea but here's the expansion to this thought. First the thought again: That Twitter should add the tinyURL function into Twitter. By doing this, it would be able to track which URL's are being Twittered and build the conversation around the URL's. Add my tagging idea I've discussed before and we're really cooking with gas.

And since we have more vested interest in our Followers than an anonymous commenter on Digg, the conversation stream around the story should be better quality.

Calling all programmers, the Twitter folk or someone already working on a really awesome Twitter-based social network, let me give you my brain on this. I just want Twitter to live up to its potential.

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I think this happened for a while, but then there was a problem because TinyURL was down and none of the links worked. Dave Winer blogged about it some.

Some interesting thoughts but there's plenty of gotchas along the way too.
Thanks for this post, Corey. I agree with the premise of the entry, especially that the more nodes involved in resolving the aliasing, the more unstable the service becomes.

The marketer in me thinks that most people perceive the URL to be a big component of a brand's DNA and thus many would be reluctant to trade "form" for "function."

As a new Twitter user, my perspective on this subject is focused on what Twitter could do to become much more than the (IMHO) one-dimensional "talking to the trees" wunderapp that it it is today.
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